Release Notes

New features, bug fixes and changes to System platform.

System v1.25-beta


  • Removing a topic from a metric does not work

  • Left border is missing from the "Welcome to System" popup modal


  • Updated social share image

  • Updates to Evidence Cards for Get to Source Faster

  • Metric selector flip icon and functionality


  • Add what's new panel to System (scaffold)

System v1.23-beta


  • undefined in parsed dates

  • The Study page flickers between old and new


  • Topics should pre-populate when you edit evidence

  • "Create new metric" flow for Add Evidence


  • Change AutoScaleAlarm CPU Utilization metric expression to CPU > 85

System v1.22-beta


  • Evidence Form - When expanding Additional fields, should scroll

  • Add new evidence breaks page

  • Adding Authors is not working


  • Add CTA button, edit in graph context on editable Study

  • Add Evidence Relationship modal

  • Relationship Selector Component


  • Convert Metric Page to GraphQL

  • Author names on the Study page should link out by orcid

  • Remove the lambda_handlers.fetch_concept_graph lambda

System v1.21-beta


  • Error during apply-schema-dev when deploying System


  • Add evidence from topic page

  • Add incremental backup option to sysdb cli tool

  • Maintenance page switch


  • Topic search input should boost our catalog topics

  • Remove R Client Generation on CircleCI

  • Set the autoscaling alarm threshold for memory utilization to 99

  • Make Study editable

  • Show edges on the graph for unstandardized feature contribution types

System v1.20-beta


  • Long metric and feature names cause feature-card stretching

  • Missing API endpoints for roles and invites routes


  • Add PubMed client to pull in suggested evidence information

  • Add Call to Action (CTA) button to the Study page

  • Add evidence cards to the Study

  • Create a new Study page

  • Add evidence modal

  • Pull request template to front-end

  • Add evidence from the metric page

  • Add log-level, level-log, and elasticity to backend schema

  • Elasticity Feature Contribution Type (and others)

  • Database Backup monitoring


  • Upgraded Staging & Production database

  • Upgraded SystemDB CLI

  • Convert Topic Page & Topic Card to GraphQL

  • Revised Study page container

  • Switch to the new study page via the DOI field

System v1.19-beta


  • last_interaction_on field is not working for enterprise services

  • Make correlation associations bidirectional if lag=0

  • Align catalog full-width breakpoint with mobile chrome change

  • The share button should also copy the view_context parameter

  • Add statistics does not let you swap metrics

  • Cannot easily remove a metric once added to a relationship


  • Add data pull for candidate evidence based on topic name

  • Add candidate evidence client

  • Suggested Evidence Cards

  • Add Evidence from Source Modal


  • Modify candidate evidence service to filter by topic and metric name

  • Lookup DOI Component

System v1.18-beta


  • Metadata service not picking up integration configurations

  • Added missing integration routes

  • Ensure p-value check is robust to 0


  • Create backend service for frontend to be able to pull information extractor blob


  • Integration manager - fetch integrations from the team endpoints

  • Constrain the Add Statistic in frontend write to only have one primary association

System v1.17-beta


  • Time series association object missing CIs for non-max/min lag values

  • Broken links to metric pages on dataset metric matching console


  • As a user, I would like to see lag analysis in the frontend

  • Show lag statistics in feature interaction card

  • Add plot in evidence card for lag statistics


  • Update sentence in evidence card for lag statistics

System v1.16-beta


  • Speed up search by not making subsequent Dgraph requests

  • Strength and Sign Hovers refer to Data not in the Relationship

  • directed_at_feature_ids field is null on time series associations


  • Add lag analysis explanation tooltips

  • Add (lagged) to the feature and metric names in the evidence card

  • Add Standardized Differences to ValueType in natural language evidence sentences


  • Convert Model Page to GraphQL

  • Update evidence card statistic with lag values (and hover)

  • As a user, I want a better experience viewing long time series datasets

  • Update Retrieval to return proper directionality/time unit on time series Association objects - Rank metric candidates using clinical trials data

System v1.15-beta


  • Typo in Pearson correlation summary sentence


  • ngram for Metric and Topic alias search

  • System for Mobile


  • As a user, I want a better experience viewing long time series datasets

System v1.14-beta


  • Topic and Metric URLs use slugs in addition to ids


  • Separate team's lambda's logs into separate endpoints

System v1.13-beta


  • Highlighted search term text in the Dataset card is overlapping with the “Available Formats” section header

  • Deploy-user-api deployment issues

  • deploy-beta-frontend-production fails on invalidating cache


  • As a contributor, when matching metrics to topics, I would like to see a clean Wikidata concept list (currently the list includes journals, articles, disambiguation pages, etc.


  • Social share image change

System v1.12-beta


  • When editing relationship evidence from the project page, should take you to add flow with relationship expanded


  • Topic List on Index

  • Topic/Metric page title in HTML metatags

  • As a System Python client user, I would like to see CatBoost as an option when adding a model


  • Statistical Types in alphabetical order

  • The confidence interval should show the lower bound first

  • Don't burry confidence interval button

System v1.04-beta


  • The "are you sure" modal is not scrollable and does not allow write for metrics

  • Statistic Values are Automatically Adjusted Lower

  • Metrics jump (e.g. putting a card in Metric 1 will sometimes jump to Metric 2)

  • Model Conversion Bug

  • Fix regression standardization in CLI

  • Handle Dates not as Timestamps

  • CC logo on left nav should link out to CC license page


  • As a catalog user, I want to know the exact errors that have occurred during retrieval and not just that there was an error

  • Add Forest Plot to Evidence Cards

  • Package extractor code

  • Frontend snippet for adding models through CSV


  • Topic graph should show all matched metrics, and not just metrics with strong relationships

  • Feature Page Refresh

  • Ensure direction/metric order is set the same across all components

System v1.03-beta


  • API [prod-system] stage [prod] GET /view/ooux/public : p99 > 3s

  • Project GraphQL query returns undefined


  • Topic Search to include Metrics

  • As a System client user, I would like to see Cohen's d generated for my models


  • Consolidate Python Client's StatInference with MLSession

  • Create bulk project - authors relationship endpoint

System v1.02-beta


  • Chris's Nan Badge bug

  • Retrieval Fetch/List Associations Bug


  • As a System Python client user, I would like to see standardized beta coefficients for models added through CSV and stats models


  • Show no results copy when no search results

  • Clean up unused code in python client

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