System Docs

System Platform

System is built on top of the System Platform, which comprises a suite of APIs, connectors and packages powered by a large-scale graph database.
The platform collects, enriches, normalizes, resolves and stores metadata about things that are related statistically. The essence of the platform is the statistical relationship. These relationships can be searched and retrieved through open standards.
Statistical and other metadata retrieval from various primary sources
Algorithms to compute various additional statistical metadata
Algorithms to detect and determine strength and significance of statistical associations
Entity resolution to match objects semantically
Large-scale graph database
Graph traversal to gather statistically related objects
APIs to present the system of an object
The platform is designed based on our values and charter values and charter commitments, and our first principles. These principles include:
  • Retrieve and encode relationships at the highest possible resolution to preserve fidelity. Be as objective, impartial, precise, and transparent as possible in how we represent information.
  • Edge-first. Design schemas from the edge out.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other parts of the data stack and the infrastructure of open knowledge.
  • Maximize node reusability and reuse to map the world as one system.
  • Minimize user data storage and personal data use.
The platform has been in development for three years. We are always investigating ways to make the platform more open and interoperable.