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Suggesting revisions

System places a high value on the accuracy and trustworthiness of information. While we have processes for continuous sampling and review of evidence extracted from sources like peer-reviewed scientific papers, we also encourage our community to contribute to the quality of System by suggesting revisions.
Suggestion process
When logged in to your System account, you can suggest a revisions by clicking on the flag icon that appears on evidence cards.
You can suggest one or more of the following revisions and provide additional details:
  1. 1.
    Metric name not representative of author's intent
  2. 2.
    Statistical values are inaccurate
  3. 3.
    Study metadata is incorrect (author name, publication, published data)
  4. 4.
Once your suggestion is submitted, the evidence will be marked as Pending Review, will be added to a revision queue, and our team will review it promptly and make revisions as necessary based on the best practices and methodologies described in our technical documentation.